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The Ascenum team recognizes that small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy and the engine that increasingly drives economic growth. We also see opportunities to improve the way private business owners and entrepreneurs seek out support during the most critical phases of their business ownership.

Ascenum’s main objective is to advocate for private business owners as they pursue their dreams of building a company and realizing financial security for their families. Our founder, T.J. Letarte, brings extensive experience in this space, having previously run the country’s leading provider of business valuation and sell-side M&A advisory services for privately held small and mid-sized companies.

He has witnessed the difficulties and expenses that private business owners incurred when trying to learn what their business is worth. T.J. has heard the stories directly from business owners about the challenges and uncertainty they faced when needing to raise capital or find the right help to build their company. He’s observed the fallout when private business owners tried to pursue a sale of their company without the assistance of an experienced sell-side advisor.

Why Knowing the Value of Your Business Makes Sense

It is estimated that 98% of business owners do not know their business valuation, and many realize it can be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated to find out. However, it’s none of the above with Ascenum. We make access to your business valuation not only easy, but also affordable and available at your convenience.

Knowing the value of your business is beneficial, whether you’re preparing to sell or not. It gives you a deeper understanding of how your hard work could translate into financial security for you and your family. A business valuation can offer you a level of comfort that there is adequate insurance in place to protect your primary asset. Additionally, a business valuation can provide you with the foundation you need to establish an accurate retirement program or estate plan.

Our members can use our digital Snapshot Valuation to discover in private an estimated valuation range for their business, or utilize our Comprehensive Valuation tool to help them plan and gauge how future business decisions can increase the value of their business.

After all, you likely know the current value of your investment portfolio and what your home may be worth. Wouldn’t it make sense to discover the value of your business?

Our Marketplace

What separates Ascenum from every other resource available to private business owners is how our Members can find the help they need when faced with challenges throughout the life cycles of their business. Our platform enables business owners to search for, identify, and connect with market-leading specialists when they need to capitalize, improve, or when the time is right, sell their business.

Whether subscribing to an Explore, Embark or Ascend membership, every Member can navigate the Marketplace to investigate potential matches with service providers that align to the characteristics of the business and needs of the business owner. A member can run as many searches as desired without incurring any cost or prompting unwanted solicitations from service providers. Those searches can be saved, revisited or updated at a later time. Our members can explore the Marketplace in confidence, knowing that they control what happens next, or if anything happens at all.

If or when, a Member is confident that the matched listings of Service Providers align nicely to a specified business need, they can pay a fee to acquire a Summit Pass which reveals the names and contact information of the matched Service Providers. The member can then utilize the communication and calendar tools to connect with the Service Providers of their choosing. Any contract or service arrangement between a Member and Provider is, by design, negotiated and secured outside of the Ascenum environment.  Since we advocate exclusively for our Member subscribers, we receive no backend payments arising from any Provider transaction with a Member.

Ascenum has focused our Marketplace design and user experience on Member satisfaction. It is important to emphasize that the Marketplace is a capability for matching/introducing Members to sources of Private Capital, Specialty Service providers and Sell-Side M&A specialists who specifically align with a Member’s service requirements. The matching process, and the Member’s option to purchase a Summit Pass to reveal Provider details, are designed to simplify, accelerate and significantly improve how a Member finds Providers for their high impact business requirements.

Ultimately, our satisfaction is derived from knowing that we helped guide our Members to the right Service Provider to address the business owner’s need for help.

Join Ascenum’s community of private business owners to get the help needed when it matters most.

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