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Business Valuation

A large majority of private business owners do not know their business valuation or even a reasonable valuation range for the business. This critical piece of data was one that helped drive the creation of Ascenum.

We can think of many reasons for private business owners to dedicate their time, money, resources, and hard work to their business, including:

  • Helping their clients
  • Making a difference
  • Helping their community
  • Taking care of their family, their home
  • Paying for education, a home, and other expenses

And One More Big Goal

At Ascenum, we also focus on an “ultimate goal” that we believe most private business owners also share:

Selling their business, after much success, at the right time, for the right price, and achieving a level of security and lifestyle for themselves and their extended family.

It’s a big goal. Maybe “dream” is a better word. It may not come true for all business owners. However, the first step in making it come true is discovering the value of what your hard work has created.

There are no shortage of full-service accounting firms, financial analysts, and even investment banking organizations that can develop a valuation for a private business owner. The techniques they typically utilize rely on best practices and models that have been developed for decades in academics and practical applications in Finance.

Times Are Changing

Decision-makers and business organizations are becoming more familiar with models, algorithms, data analytics, intelligence, digitization and networks that, just in the past decade, have driven massive changes in behavior. The way we price and compare real estate, find a professional for a home repair project, make vacation and travel plans, navigate from point-to-point – these are all examples of fundamental, behavioral and technical change.

And this is where Ascenum comes in regarding Business Valuation.

Our Beliefs

We believe that a business valuation should be easily accessible to all, which is precisely what we offer private business owners – access to affordable and intuitive digital valuation tools. By being a member of Ascenum and using our digital platform, private business owners will soon become as aware of their business valuation as they already may be about the market value of their investment portfolio or the potential value of their home.

How Do We Achieve This and How Do Our Tools Work?

Ascenum offers a quick and affordable Snapshot Business Valuation tool. This tool is capable of producing a valuation range in seconds utilizing just five input parameters, which are well known and available to any private business owner.

We also offer a Comprehensive Valuation tool. This tool is driven by a full range of input parameters drawn from financial statements, growth parameters to describe a particular business. With just a bit of preparation, valuation outcomes can be completed in less than an hour.

Both our Snapshot and Comprehensive Valuation tools run off a licensed, patented valuation capability, driven by the experience to date of over 30,000,000 business valuation outcomes. The valuation database continues to update and refine calculations based on fresh economic data and continued incorporation of new public and private transaction data.

We invite private business owners to join our network.

Business valuation knowledge is critical, and Ascenum wants all private business owners to have access to that knowledge – easily, intuitively, affordably — using a modern analytics foundation to improve valuation results.

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