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Over the past two decades, the ways we find information, travel, and shop have changed fundamentally impacting “how we do business”:

  • How did we search for information “before Google”?
  • Remember hailing a taxi with our arms in the air on a street corner “before Uber or Lyft”?
  • Were there shopping sites “before Amazon”?

So why are many Private Business Owners still acting in a pre-Internet fashion? Asking only limited, local networks of friends and associates for recommendations when they need critical service providers?  Isn’t it time for this behavior to evolve?

Ascenum, with determination, creativity, and humility,  aspires to help private business owners and join the list of fundamental change disruptors.  Here are three major impacts available to private business owners (Members) and critical service providers (Service Providers) from Ascenum.

Your Business Valuation privately, economically, and quickly

How many business owners know their business valuation?  Ironically, building their business may very well be the project of their life, and valuation may be the single most important number associated with the business.  And to date, how would one discover their valuation?  With an expensive fee for a certified valuation? With a “free estimate” from a financial services firm, followed by relentless solicitation for other business? Or perhaps with their own (almost always inaccurate) personal estimate?

Ascenum provides affordable, convenient, quick, accurate digital business valuation.  No harder than a Zillow estimate or a brief TurboTax interface.  For any private business owner.

Access to qualified, curated critical Service Providers nationwide

Private Business Owners are experts in their business operations.  But when help is needed in areas outside their expertise such as raising capital, energizing marketing, digital capabilities, systems implementation, exit planning, and ultimately, sale of a business, where does the owner turn for help?  Friends…family…local banker…LinkedIn network…golf partner…traditional media.

Ascenum curates (meets, screens, admits (or not)) a nationwide Marketplace of these critical Service Providers.  The interface to the Marketplace is free for our Members, and the identification of Provider(s) that match a Member’s service requirements is intuitive.  Members only make an in-app purchase when they see profiles of matched Provider(s) that are interesting to them, and that fee “reveals” full contact details for the Provider(s).

Changing the fee model in a B2B Marketplace

A B2B marketplace, narrowly and traditionally defined, is no longer a new idea.  In many marketplaces, service providers can be listed, pay for “leads”, or most often share a “rake %” of their revenue with the marketplace provider.

That’s not the model with Ascenum.  Curated, reliable Providers are assets in our Marketplace, not % sources of our revenue.  In the near future, our Providers will pay a modest annual fee to be listed.  Any revenue they realize from transactions, engagements, projects, etc. from our Members goes 100% to the Providers.

In addition to the modest annual listing fee, Ascenum revenues come from Member’s in-app purchase to reveal Provider contact details and Member subscriptions to the Ascenum community.

Ascenum is launching now (June 2021).  Change the way you do business and join us.

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