Ascenum Announces Partnership With Trainual


Ascenum is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Trainual, a leading knowledge management and training platform for small and growing businesses. 

Trainual welcomes Ascenum Members with its unique knowledge transfer and training platform where growing teams build the playbook for what they do. With Trainual, every process, policy, and procedure for all the roles and responsibilities in your business are easily documented, organized, assignable, and searchable. The result is faster onboarding and training, more seamless delegation, consistent processes, increased accountability, and everybody stays in the know with your need-to-knows.

In acknowledgment, Trainual is offering Ascenum Members a 7-day free trial, in order to determine the best operational fit for their respective teams. Members can learn more about this exclusive offer in the Community sections of their Membership Dashboard. 

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Trainual as they work to re-shape how the small business market manages their training and onboarding efforts,” said T.J. Letarte, Founder and CEO of Ascenum.

About Trainual

Trainual is on a mission to make it easier than ever to build training manuals for new or existing employees, customers, contractors, interns and volunteers alike. The platform enables business owners, managers, and human resources professionals to organize operational knowledge, document standard operating procedures, create repeatable, scalable processes, define role-based responsibilities and assign training workflows with built-in accountability.

Visit Trainual to discover the innovative curve of small business operational automation.


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