General Questions

Who can / should become a Ascenum Member?

Ascenum Memberships are for private business owners of small and mid-sized businesses based in the United States.

Do I need to provide confidential personal or business information?

No social security number, account information, or employer identification number is necessary to become a Member, generate a business valuation, gain access to our marketplace, participate in our Member community or navigate our Learning Center.

How does Ascenum help me determine a valuation for my business?

Ascenum uses a licensed proprietary business valuation engine to generate a business valuation estimate based on data and information you provide, along with other information that may be available in the public domain for your industry.

The business valuation generated by the online valuation tools will likely differ from the amount that would be realized on a sale, because of information not available to us or other sale factors that may be present, or perhaps even the data that you provide us.

What happens to the data and information I provide to the Ascenum?

The use of the data and information you provide enables us to deliver the prescribed services based on your membership level and is governed by the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for the Service. We encourage you to visit and review the Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use periodically as they can change from time to time. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at support@ascenumnetwork.com.

Can I join if my only goal is to sell my business?

Yes, but Ascenum is here for you every step of the way in your private business journey. While a business sale may be an end goal for some Members, many Members see Ascenum as a resourceful option to learn, interact with community Members and get the help they need in building and growing their company.

What kind of content is provided in the Learning Center?

The Ascenum team moderates and facilitates community engagement. Content highlights include insights and intellectual property shared by our Service Providers, curated links to 3rd party public content and articles relevant to our Members, optional participation surveys / results, and periodic member-to-member forums.

Do Ascenum Members come from all industry sectors?

Yes. Any private business owner in the United States can be a Member and benefit from some / all Business Valuation, Community, Learning Center and Marketplace features.

Membership & Benefits

What kinds of membership are available in the Ascenum? What benefits are associated with each membership?

Currently, Ascenum offers three levels of membership – Explore, Embark, and Ascend.

Ascenum aspires to help owners on their business journey, and the 3 membership levels are named to invoke the journey to a mountain top, aligned to the Ascenum logo:

  • Explore is a FREE annual membership providing one Snapshot Valuation, access to selective Community features and content, and aggregated results for unlimited supplier searches in The Marketplace.
  • Embark Members receive unlimited access to Snapshot Valuation calculations over their one-year renewable membership, greater access to selective Community features and content, and aggregated results for unlimited supplier searches in The Marketplace.
  • Ascend Members receive unlimited access to the Comprehensive Valuation tool over their one-year renewable membership. This dynamic capability is driven by the Member’s income statement, balance sheet and operational data. Ascend Members also receive complete access to Community features and content, and aggregated results for unlimited supplier searches in The Marketplace.
  • All Members (Explore, Embark, Ascend) can purchase a Summit Pass to enable actionable, detailed, Supplier-specific profile and contact information matching results in The Marketplace. This allows a Member to identify and communicate with a Private Capital provider, Sell Side M&A advisor, or Specialty Services firm with capabilities matched to their requirements.
[easy-pricing-table id="6696"] What benefits will be available within the Community Platform?

The Ascenum team will moderate and facilitate community engagement through Member forums, feedback features, optional participation surveys, directories and selective content.

What kind of content is provided in the Learning Center?

Content highlights will include insights and intellectual property shared by our Service Providers, curated links to 3rd party public content and articles that correspond to our service categories that would be relevant to our Members.

What type of business valuation is available with an Explore or Embark membership?

The Snapshot Business Valuation is offered as a benefit available to both Explore and Embark Members, and it provides the Member with a digital estimated business valuation range that can be viewed online.

What kind type of business valuation is available with an Ascend Membership?

The Ascend Membership allows you to generate and download a Comprehensive business valuation report containing four valuation profiles, key performance metrics and business benchmarking information.

What if I do not want to pay for an Embark or Ascend membership – can I still participate in the membership community or gain access to the Learning Center with a free Explore Membership?

Yes, although an Explore member cannot enjoy the broader range of Community and Learning Center benefits that are available with Embark and Ascend Memberships.

Are there any hidden costs after I purchase my membership?

Explore memberships are Free. Embark and Ascend memberships require annual fees. A Summit Pass, enabling any Member to connect with specific, well-matched Suppliers in the Marketplace, can be purchased at any time for an additional fee.

If I purchase the Ascend Membership, does Ascenum help me interpret the 28-page comprehensive report?

The report format has been tested with many private businesses and is proving easy to interpret and apply. However, the Ascenum team is responsive to any questions from our Members, including guidance on their specific Comprehensive Valuation Report. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at support@ascenumnetwork.com.


How do Members identify Network Service Providers within the Marketplace who meet their requirements?

Members use intuitive, easy-to-follow service request templates to fully describe their requirements for Private Capital, Sell Side M&A (help selling their business) and Specialty Business Services. The templates make it easy to specify and customize the need for service.

Meanwhile, our Network Service Providers have been vetted by Ascenum, and each NSP completes a detailed profile of their service(s), including the same parameters that Members use to describe a service request.

Using both the Member requirements and the Network Service Provider profiles, our Ascenum Marketplace algorithms then present matches to our Member, who can then determine whether they wish to purchase a Summit Pass that will unlock the identity and contact information of matched Network Service Providers.

Can Members explore / learn about Network Service Provider matches without paying a fee?

Yes. Ascenum encourages all Members to explore, learn and investigate options to improve their business via Marketplace connections. Therefore, Members can complete and modify a service request template in the Marketplace as many times and as often as they like. Each service request will result in a limited Match Listing, showing Members “headline info” on Network Service Providers precisely matched to their service request.

If a Member needs to refine and run multiple Searches / Matches, can search logic be retained / refined?

Yes, and very easily. Each time a Member is presented with a Match Listing, there is an option to Save the search parameters, allowing the Member to build an inventory of Searches to re-use, or to access and modify/refine for a future Search.

How does a “Summit Pass” help a Member connect to NSP(s)?

When a Member has interest in a specific limited Match Listing associated with a service request template, the Summit Pass “unlocks” detailed profile and contact information about each NSP in the Match Listing, allowing a Member to proceed, on their own terms and using Ascenum tools to contact specific NSPs (potentially all NSPs in the Match Listing) for service discussions.

Ascenum thought carefully about the Match Listing and Summit Pass. We want all of our Members to search, learn and see what may be possible from our NSPs. The Match Listing, prior to purchase of the Summit Pass, allows Members to see the possibilities from a specific search. The Summit Pass, and associated fee, allows the member to initiate the next step, with full Network Service Provider information / detail, when they are truly ready to act on a new service opportunity / project.

If I purchase a Summit Pass, what kind of information is associated with each matched service provider that can help me compare and qualify them?

Summit Pass holders see a full profile of service parameters and contact details for matched providers. Agreements to engage between Members and Providers are completely controlled by Members, initiated and facilitated by the matching information Ascenum provides, monitored for recordkeeping and review, but completed outside the Ascenum with pricing details agreed to between the Member and a Network Service Provider.

Does the Marketplace help Members communicate directly with individual Service Providers of my choosing and limit unwanted solicitations?

Once a Summit Pass has been purchased, Ascenum facilitates direct communication between Members and matched Service Providers through our Marketplace tools. In consideration for a Member’s privacy, these communications are initiated and controlled by the Member, not the Service Provider.

What happens if a Member isn't satisfied with their Marketplace experience?

Ascenum has focused our Marketplace design and user experience on Member satisfaction. It is important to emphasize that the Marketplace is a capability for matching/introducing Members to Providers who are specifically aligned to a Member's service requirements. This Matching, and the Member's option to purchase a Summit Pass to reveal Provider details are designed to simplify, accelerate and significantly improve how a Member finds Providers for their high impact requirements. Ultimately, and realistically, it does not guarantee service provision satisfaction. That, by design, is controlled between the Member and an engaged Provider.

Should a Member engage with a Provider and find the experience unsatisfactory, Ascenum is ready to take feedback, improve the Marketplace going forward, and revisit a Member’s Summit Pass transaction.

What are "Specialty Services" (SS)?

It’s a broad Ascenum Netwok term representing Network Service Providers (NSPs) who help Members address needs across various business functions. Often Specialty Service NSPs are established firms with proven ability to improve these functions (e.g. Marketing, Technology, Finance, Tax, Strategy, Operations, Security etc.) for a Member firm. When business owners are facing high-impact decisions in building their business, Ascenum simplifies their search and vetting process across a national network of Specialty Service firms to identify the best aligned provider given the specific business characteristics and needs of the owner. Until a post pandemic, new normal emerges, Specialty Services are currently limited to digital/web development/design firms who can help owners enhance their web capabilities to capitalize on the digital transformation/customer direct access market evolution.