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Ascenum Membership Benefits & Services

We offer our Members an innovative B2B Marketplace of high-impact Service Providers, Business Valuation, a robust Learning Center, and access to a supportive business owner Community.


  • Marketplace of curated Service Providers
  • Snapshot Business Valuation
  • Content from industry leaders
  • Community / networking with other SMB Members

Membership Features


Save time and effort to identify and connect with the right provider when you need to Access Capital, Improve & Grow your business or find help with the exit/sale of your business. We use a proprietary algorithm to find the best Provider for your needs. It takes into account all of your requirements and business characteristics, then delivers a personalized list of the most qualified Providers for you. There's no obligation to move forward. You have complete control over what happens next. There is no pressure or obligation to transact.

Summit Pass
When you're ready to unlock the identity of your matched Providers, you can purchase a Summit Pass to reveal additional information and contact details. You control what happens next, which Providers you choose to contact, and what specifically you choose to do.

Snapshot Business Valuation

Discover what your business could be worth in seconds. The Snapshot tool uses your industry (NAICS Code), zip code, annual revenue, and net income to produce an estimated valuation range for your business.


Connect and network with private business owners like you in our community forums to discover helpful advice and support.

Learning Center

Explore a series of articles, videos, and whitepapers from industry experts to get ahead of industry trends and help your business thrive.