Service Providers

Service Providers

Connecting private business owners with high-value service providers

Welcome to Ascenum

We are a Marketplace for Service Providers in Private Capital, Sell-Side M&A, and across a range of Specialty Business / Consulting Services, to help Providers attract new clients by connecting with our qualified Private Business Owner Members.

Our Members actively seek Service Providers, like you, for their significant transactions and critical projects.

Your Benefits as a Service Provider

Exposure. Pipeline. Profit.


Our customized tools help you profile your firm, your services, and your client criteria for our Members.


Our matching algorithms connect you to highly motivated Members who meet your client criteria.


Once registered with a modest enrollment fee, providers contract directly with members in accordance with your protocols and pricing.

Ascenum's Membership Makeup

Our Members are Private Business Owners of small and mid-sized businesses. These Members define their service requirements in our Marketplace, and pay a fee to reveal contact information with well-matched Service Providers. They are motivated Decision Makers.

Our Members use the Ascenum Marketplace for major decisions and significant investments: Recapitalization and Growth Capital, Transformation through Speciality Business and Consulting Services, and Sale of their Business.

Members use Ascenum tools to define their service and transaction requirements in detail. Our Marketplace logic then creates very high potential connections between Service Providers and Members, eliminating wasted time.

Learn More About Providing Services in Our Marketplace

Ready to explore next steps?

Connect with the Ascenum team to learn more without obligation.

We follow up with interested Service Providers to share information and learn more about the fit for your firm in our Marketplace.